Thursday, June 18, 2009

Frameline, Here I Come!

Well kids, I'll be heading out very early tomorrow morning to San Francisco for Frameline, their GLBT film festival. Looking forward to watching more queer films (as if I don't have enough backlog on DVD screeners) over the next 10 days or so. Thanks to reconnecting with friends who used to live here in Rochester, I'll have a place to stay for free making the trip more affordable. But the trickier part is getting time off from work. You know how it is ... I'm actually using my precious vacation time from my day job to do more work! But it will still be fun to see friends from the film festival circuit and hopefully recruit some guests for our own festival in October.

I do hope to be online and get you updated on the goings on there. If not here on the blog, definitely follow ImageOut on Twitter. Look us up!


Stefan said...

I guess this means you won't be at ImageOut Monday for the full festival meeting! ;)

Michael G said...

Shhhh ...