Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye MJ and FF!

I was in the middle of a movie yesterday and my cell phone kept buzzing. I was getting text messages about MJ's sudden demise. And I was still mourning FF's passing from earlier in the day! Needless to say, I could not concentrate on the film I was watching. Thank god it wasn't that great. (And I'm not naming films! LOL.)

Anyway, the Frameline sched is keeping me busy so I have not been able to post anything here. But hopefully you are following me on Twitter?

I definitely have lots to share when I get back. And let me tell you, the San Francisco audiences are amazing! And very wild and crazy! I (and many other Programming Directors here) so envy this festival which could pack a 1400-seat theater at 2pm on a week day! And the women come out for the films too!

A few more movies to watch this weekend and I'm on a plane back to my Rochester reality. Sad and happy. But definitely needing some sleep ... which will be impossible with what's waiting in my DVR and the DVD screeners to watch. Ugh!

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