Monday, October 4, 2010

Imageout Does Smartphones!

OK, so you've read the program cover to cover, decided what to see, and purchased your tickets (you have purchased your tickets already right?). Now what to do with the four whole days between you and opening night?

Checkout the ImageOut Mobile site, that's what!

If you have a smartphone, you can make full use of the new tech offering. You can view program descriptions, and add screenings to your personal "my festival" page. Then each day you can easily see where you need to be and when. No more of that embarrassing "showing up at the wrong theater" stuff for you! This feature will be also be great for comparing schedules with the cutie you meet at the opening night party...

The ImageOut Mobile Experience was created just for us by our Premiere Sponsor, The Philipson Group. These folks have also hooked us up with the miraculous technology of the QR codes you see in the festival program. Thanks also goes to for sponsoring this endeavor. You can view their mobile site here.


Woody said...

I like the idea, but the implimentation is kind of a pain. :( The one major problem I have is that you have to mark each movie by clicking through to it. A single list with check boxes would be MUCH easier.

Also, in the program listing area, it shows the title, time, and theater shown in. But in the "My Movies" area, it shows the title, program number, and time. The most critical piece of info (which theater) is missing... :(

Great first attempt though. :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Woody! We need the feedback to make it better!