Thursday, October 3, 2013

A salute to all the shoulders that have lifted us

From Frederick Douglass to Susan B. Anthony, Rochester has a long, proud history as home to leaders in the struggle for civil rights.
As ImageOut turns 21 this year, we're reminded what it means to come of age. To recognize the trailblazers. To honor the courageous, even outrageous people who made it possible for us to live out in the open with dignity.
So, ImageOut 21 is a perfect moment for us all to reflect. It's also a perfect year for a whole host of films that will deeply connect us with our historical narrative.
Shoulders to Stand On - A history of Rochester's own LGBT movement
First and foremost, the premiere of “Shoulders to Stand On,” a documentary of Rochester's own history and key figures in the LGBT rights movement. Plus “Portrait of Jason,” a groundbreaking 1967 documentary about a gay man—unheard of material for film at the time. And then there's “I am Divine,” the story of one of the most notorious drag queens in history, who rose to fame as the campy star of John Waters' cult classics.
Portrait of Jason
The world has changed in the past 21 years. Equality is becoming a reality for the first time in our history. As we mark ImageOut's 21st birthday, we're proud to stand on the shoulders of such a powerful cast of ancestors—both locally and globally. We owe them our gratitude. And our applause.

If you didn't get your tickets yet, don't wait. They're going fast. Two films have already sold out. Save your spot today.

Here are a few other films looking back on the history of the LGBT movement in the US and around the world: 

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Stefan Baer said...

Yay! The blog is alive again :) And yes, EVERYBODY should see shoulders to stand on!