Sunday, October 13, 2013


Getting Go, the Go Doc Project uses a mockumentary style to capture a multimedia, contemporary love affair; one that transcends fairy tale narrative to probe the mysterious, fragile, and profound nature of love.


Dan McCarthy said...

I truly enjoyed this film. Lighthearted, fresh, and erotic all at once! I was engaged for the entire time, and connected with the characters. The script was very well written, and the editing was superb. I felt like I was watching the next wave of Image Out films a decade from now. Sometimes, you just enjoy a movie that's about having fun and going looking at life through a different lens.

Patrick Rivers said...

I hadn’t planned on seeing this one- it was a last minute decision- a decision I didn’t regret. A gem of a film that stayed with me long after it was over. Not at all what I was expecting- skillfully put together, this fun affectionate story easily brings you into the minds and hearts of the characters…so much so, you can’t help but to fall in love with both of them. Reminded me of my past infatuations and consequent heartbreaks…which is why I left the theater feeling a little sad, but happy.