Sunday, October 13, 2013


Out in the Dark, Michael Mayer’s outstanding feature-length directorial debut, paints an honest picture of why many gays in Palestinian territories are forced to be invisible, living in the shadows. But when there is love, there is hope.


Chris Mc. said...

I loved this film! The two leads made a very attractive couple and had great chemistry. As I walked out last night I couldn't help but marvel at the incredible string of great movies that have come from Israel.
If we had gotten this film last year like Michael G. wanted, we might have missed out on Melting Away. I'm happy how things worked out.

David Hoffend said...

Wonderful film that made me feel (once again) very fortunate to be living in the United States. We too often complain about what we do not have, rather than celebrating what rights we DO have. This film felt very "real" to me; the acting was superb and it felt like you were a part of the story. It was an educational "window" into what it is like to be gay in an extremely oppressive country.