Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pgm 11: TEST

Test captures the feeling of paranoia and dread that pervaded the time, when misinformation ran rampant and the emergence of a new blood test offered potential peace of mind, whatever the outcome. Forsaking the melodrama that traditionally accompanies films of its ilk, Test is sexy and insightful, featuring beautifully choreographed dance sequences and tackling a difficult subject with as much grace as the dancers it depicts.

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Dan Larkin said...

I felt that this film tried way too hard. Straining to make it appear to be the mid 80s - the dial telephone was kind of retro even then. I did like the tangled phone cord used repeatedly as a metaphor for Frankie’s apparent anxiety. The acting seemed a bit compromised perhaps due to the necessity of having accomplished dancers playing the lead roles. It was difficult to feel a whole lot of empathy for Frankie mostly because he was so narcissistic and a little vacuous. The sex scenes were probably the most compelling part of the film, due to their realism.