Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gay American Idol?

Is the voting bloc of Idol Nation ready to crown a gay (and wonderfully talented) American Idol? The popular Fox show has never had a contestant as polarizing (and wonderfully talented) as Adam Lambert, the current front runner among the 2009 pop star hopefuls. Sure we've had eyeliner wearing rock star wanna-bes in past seasons. But I assure you that no one is as bold, daring, creative, innovative, and, dare i say, flamboyant (Did I mention wonderfully talented?) as our Glambert. People who've known him for years have been open about Adam's sexuality (He has the most fashion forward friends in the audiences, ever!). Those pictures of him in drag and kissing other boys have been posted on and passed around the internet so many times. But none of these seem to hurt his popularity.

But what happens when there's only two people left in the competition? When Adam is just up against a clean cut and wholesome crooner like fingers crossed Kris Allen? Will it be a case of the Red States versus the Blue States all over again? Or will pure vocal prowess and commanding stage presence trump gay issues and homophobia? I guess we'll find out soon enough in three weeks.

What are your thoughts? Not sure what I'm talking about? Are you a reality TV snob? Oh just get over it and catch American Idol, otherwise known as The Adam Lambert Show, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You too will be proud of our Glambert. And for the non-fans out there, don't hate him because he is so talented. Hate him because he gets to be Kris Allen's roommate for months now.


radioman said...

Yes, Adam's gayness doesn't seem to have become any sort of an isssue with American Idol this season...probably because, for sheer talent, Adam Lambert, in my opinion, is probably the most talented male singer to EVER appear on any season of the show. He's incredible. Seasoned, confident, humble (even though he KNOWS he's good), and much of America looks forward to the show each week just to see what he'll wow us with next! I think the final will come down to Adam and Kris, which in a way I am sorry about, because Kris is wonderful too, in an entirely different way than Adam. He's sweet & innocent, a terrific singer, and would certainly be pictured in Webster's dictionery under the word "Cute".
We'll have to excuse the fact that
he has a wife. I honestly cannot predict who will win this season of IDOL, they are both very deserving, and I'd be happy with either one. However, my gut tells me that Kris would be more "radio friendly", whereas Adam could have
a terrific career on Broadway and in concerts.

Michael G said...

Well it's certainly Adam's crown to lose this year. And in many people's opinion, he is already the 2009 champ. There are always talks about Adam's performances not being radio friendly. But if we are to believe the little iTunes technical glitch last week where they published the number of iTunes download for the American Idol studio version songs (something they have never done before and was told not to do ever to avoid giving the Idol contestants some "rankings"), Adam is the most downloadable Idol with 6 of his songs (at the time) in the Top 10 and Kris Allen has 3 songs.

Danny Gokey who?

Hunky said...

That was a shocking results show last night in terms of who were in the Bottom 3. I'm glad the right person left the competition. But how could both Kris and Adam be in the bottom group? Scary.

Michael G said...

You know, in the back of my mind last night, I was wondering if I jinxed Adam and Kris by posting this message yesterday. Something was definitely wrong with the voting. Maybe we do need to mobilize the gay vote for Glambert.