Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tonight: MTV's PEDRO or Kris Allen?

Just want to remind folks that the movie PEDRO is making its TV Premiere tonight at 8pm on MTV and its affiliate channels. The question is, would you rather watch it live or DVR it (or watch a repeat as I'm sure this won't be the last time MTV would air the movie) so you can watch AMERICAN IDOL live instead? Isn't Kris Allen such a hottie? As ousted DWTS celebrity contestant Belinda Carlisle sang, "I Get Weak" when I see him on TV. And the boy can sing! But of course we also need to support one of our own -- the true Season 8 Diva (eat your heart out Lil Rounds!), the fabulous Adam Lambert.


radioman said...

Kris Allen a hottie? The understatement of the month! (of course the mmonth is only one day old). More of a "cutie" in my book, just doesn't seem fair that some guys can be so adorable. And, yes he can certanly sing!
I think I will be recording IDOL tonight and making a trip to The Little to see DUPLICITY.

Michael G said...

Mr. Radioman, you have to see the indie foreign film GOMORRAH at the Little instead of some commercial release. Oh but then again, that film doesn't open until Friday. We are so delayed here in Rochester. LOL.

Speaking of delayed, I remember watching SUNSHINE CLEANING in Berlin in Feb 2008. I can't believe it is just being relased theatrically here in the US more than a year later.

radioman said...

I was reading about GOMORRAH, but don't know if it's my thing. You know me...I like the indie films, but DUPLICITY looks like it would be entertaining.... and watching Clive Owen for a couple of hours ain't too bad.

I, at first, thought I wanted to see SUNSHINE CLEANING, but some of the reviews I've read haven't been that positive. Are you recommending it?