Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Gay Characters on TV

Anyone who really knows me can attest that I am a TV nut. This is why, for me, the DVR is probably one of the most important technical gadgets ever developed in recent years and ranks high in the emergency evacuation plan in the Gamilla household. Love TV shows! But I'm not here to talk about my favorite shows this time (although I must give a shout out to my new boobtube guilty pleasures namely: DOLLHOUSE, CASTLE, and FRINGE). And no, Echo, played by Eliza Dushku and pictured here, from DOLLHOUSE is not lesbian. Although she could easily be made into one with those snazzy brain imprints, no? But I digress. What I do want to discuss are a couple of new shows that debuted recently.

I applaud some major networks for supporting shows featuring gay characters prominently in their storylines (e.g. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, UGLY BETTY, to name a few). Oh and I get a tingle whenever I discover new interesting gay characters on TV. So imagine (or not) the sensation I felt when characters in KINGS and SOUTHLAND turned out to be gay.

I've actually only seen the 2-hour premiere of KINGS and have missed the last two (or three?) episodes. In that pilot episode, it was revealed that the male heir to King Silas Benjamin's empire is a closeted gay guy (played by hunky Sebastian Stan who also plays the naughty Carter Baizen from GOSSIP GIRL), albeit a conniving one (and very hot!). But I'm not sure how the character has developed since. He could even be dead by now, LOL. You know how those network executives are. I'll have to catch up on new episodes pronto. (ImageOut film selection screenings take up too much of my time!)

And just this morning (recorded from Thursday night), I thought SOUTHLAND was an interesting show and would gladly give it another try. Not just because it stars Ben McKenzie (notice how cute Benjamin from THE O.C. has a more serious adult name now?) but also because the show is gritty and entertaining at the same time. And I was particularly caught off guard by one of the last montage scenes showing one of the lead characters (not Ben unfortunately) ending up his day at a gay bar. Did y'all catch that?

I just hope the networks don't wimp out on realizing these characters fully (and gay-ly!) in future episodes. Anymore gay characters in new TV shows you've been watching?

Also, I enjoy trashy, B-Grade horror flicks so HARPER'S ISLAND excites me somewhat. And who doesn't enjoy Harry Hamlin getting cut in half?

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