Thursday, April 23, 2009

THE INFORMERS at the Little

Opening in theaters on April 24 is the film adaptation of the 1994 Bret Easton Ellis novel, THE INFORMERS, set in LA of the 1980s era of decadence, excess and terrible fashion sense. The book is a collection of short stories so it is a perfect vehicle for an all-star ensemble cast featuring Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke, Winona Ryder (where has she been?), Amber Heard and Jon Foster. Since this is a Bret Easton Ellis story (AMERICAN PSYCHO, LESS THAN ZERO, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION) , expect a subplot of beautiful blond boys and girls sleeping with each other while partying all night with drugs and alcohol.

The film had one screening at the European Film Market last February when I was in Berlin but it was sandwiched between two gay films that I needed to see. So I only caught about 40 minutes somewhere in the middle of the movie. It was interesting enough that I think I'd like to see the whole film. (I do hate having to pay to see it again, LOL.) And the gay/bisexual boys are cute in an 80s kind of way.

This is also Brad Renfro's last film before the actor died at age 25. Although, to be honest, I almost did not recognize him until I found out which role he played (he was in the parts I saw). He was so cute when he first started acting and got even hotter a couple of years later. Also, this film is sort of a reunion for Kim and Mickey, no? But I think they are in separate storylines, so much for that thought. Oh and just a tidbit for the fans of the book, the vampires are not included in the final cut of the film version.

Another piece of trivia for you out there: Jon Foster (pictured above), one of the bisexuals in the film, also plays Art Bechstein in the film adaptation of another high-profile book, THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH by Michael Chabon. The film opened in limited release last April 10 and I'm not sure if it is scheduled to screen here in Rochester. I saw the film in Berlin in 2008 and I quite liked it. But I did not read the book though which is supposed to be much better and with more emphasis on the gay characters. And those who loved the book hated the film. Oh well.

But it is exciting that our very own Little Theatre is screening THE INFORMERS the same weekend it opens in limited release nationwide. So check it out this weekend and make sure to come back here and tell us what you think.


Michael G said...

Weekend boxoffice reports for indie releases indicate that this film tanked. =( Have not had the chance to go over the Little to catch it yet.

radioman said...

My first reaction when I read about this movie, I won't go see this because, even though I have never been a fan of Billy Bob Thornton, I am disgusted with him lately because of his
assy (is that a word) attitude and rediculoius demeanor during the BBC radio interview in Toronto two or three weeks ago, when he was appearing there as the opening band for Willie Nelson. Billy Bob is one disliked guy in Canada (and I dare say elsewhere) these days because of the way he behaved. He ended up cancelling the rest of his band's Canadian performancers.Incase you are unaware of that interview, you can find it on Youtube, just type in Billy Bob Thornton. Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of my system, after reading Michael's comments, maybe I'll go see "The Informers" this weekend. If nothing else, even though it tanked, it sounds interesting.