Monday, April 6, 2009

ImageOut DVD Giveaway!

ImageOut is giving away a dvd of the hilarious comedy OUT AT THE WEDDING (IO 2007) courtesy of Logo. Sign up by sending an email to with "FREE Out at the Wedding DVD" in the Subject Line and include your name and contact information. A winner will be chosen on April 22 and the result posted here. Tell your friends about it!

You can also purchase the dvd for 20% off by using the code WEDDING1 at Logo Online. And if you want to be reminded of how funny this charmingly witty film is, check out the trailer here.


Emilie said...

This looks like a great movie --thanks for the chance!!!

emvark at gmail dot com

Michael G said...

Hi Emilie,
Yes this is a great movie. Very entertaining. If you don't win our free DVD, make sure to add the title to you Netflix want list. =)

Michael G said...

If you sent an email for this DVD giveaway, can you resend one again? I got all your names listed but the server had an outage. And then all the emails were gone from the server. Didn't get a chance to write down your contact information. Just the names. So please resend if you can. Either way, your name is still in the drawing for April 22.