Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Admit it. You knew it was inevitable. The fab Allan Brocka (BOY CULTURE) and company are already busy with pre-production and casting of the first gay three-quel EATING OUT 3: ALL YOU CAN EAT. Whether you hate or love the first two installments, you have to admit that filmmaker Brocka, one of our visiting filmmakers from a couple of years ago, is one talented cookie and ImageOut is one of his supporters having shown all of his short and feature GLBT films in the festival.

So what are expecting from this third film? Are you as excited as I am? Oh c'mon, at least these films never pretend to be dramatic contenders. And they do manage to find the sexiest (albeit sometimes acting challenged) new stars. But you also have to realize that they don't have the budget to pay for the "big" stars.

Oh and wait. Maybe the ANOTHER GAY MOVIE franchise will beat it for the gay three-quel bragging rights. Remember the promise of outer space craziness in the last one? Let the race begin!


Bittersweet Sage said...

Allan's film "Roberta Loved" is still one of my favorite shorts the Festival has ever shown.

Michael G said...

I agree with you. ROBERTA LOVED is one of Allan's finest works -- it's gritty, it's daring, and it's unique. Even the title is quite loaded.

radioman said...

I agree with you that Q Allan is extremely talented. Such a nice guy too, as I remember from his visit to our festival. His "animated" TV show, which I only get to see occasionally when I'm at our place in Toronto (because I'm cheap and I only have basic cable here in Rochester) is a riot!

Michael G said...

I must admit I've only seen a couple of episodes of the second season of RICK & STEVE. I just have too many shows that I watch on TV. If only I could do these full time, no?