Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The 2007 ImageOut Spotlight Feature OUT AT THE WEDDING is now available on DVD. It was one of our record-breaking sold out shows that year, almost winning our Audience Award. If you missed it then, this is your chance to see what everyone was raving about. And it would also be fun to revisit it with good friends.

Purchase the DVD for 20% off using the code WEDDING1 from Logo.

Check out the trailer from this charmingly witty film.

Out At The Wedding. Alex’s little white lies are spinning out of control! After telling her new fiancé that her family is dead, Alex attends her sister’s wedding. A rumor spreads at the wedding that Alex is gay and when her family is surprisingly supportive, Alex decides to play along. It’s easier than telling the truth about her engagement to a Jewish African-American man, right? But when her sister visits and Alex has to prove that she’s a lesbian, things start to get out of the hand. Out At The Wedding explores the sometimes comical way in which we come out to the people we love, whether as gay or straight.

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