Friday, March 6, 2009


I imagine Jim Carrey's latest film I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS will be the talk among the LGBT (and, maybe, quite a few mainstream) cineastes in the coming weeks/months. It is a high-profile movie with Carrey playing an uncharacteristically very gay role based on an actual gay con artist, Steven Russell, who tried many times to escape imprisonment to be with the man he loves.
The film premiered at Sundance in January but remains without a distribution deal in North America. (I don't think the distributors know what to do with it since it is not the fare that typical Jim Carrey fans would go for.) Even though it has since been picked up by a handful of European distributors, I wonder if it will be able to keep its Summer 2009 release schedule. I personally wish it will not so it can be shown in the fall film festivals. Selfish, I know. But I have been giddy since seeing the film at the European Film Market in Berlin last February and PHILLIP MORRIS (yes, that's Phillip with two "l"s ... the cigarette maker uses only one) is the perfect gala event for ImageOut -- very funny, very appealing, interesting story and characters, very well-made, and did I tell you Ewan McGregor plays the lover?
McGregor never looked so good on the big screen with his big blue eyes and bleached blonde hair. Too bad the movie is without his signature full frontal nudity. But in all seriousness, McGregor played the Phillip Morris role with restrained flamboyance and tons of effective loving glances. You too would fall in love with him.

Of course, the highlight of the film is the crazy antics of Carrey. Though I'm not usually a big fan, I totally enjoyed him in this film. PHILLIP MORRIS is from the same writers that brought us Billy Bob Thornton's BAD SANTA (and who did not enjoy that silly film?).

I'm hoping we'll have a spot for it in our October lineup.


radioman said...

I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I heard about it from Michael. Don'cha hate him for getting to see all this stuff before any of the rest of us?
This film sounds terrific, and even though I'm not especially a Jim Carrey fan I admire him for going out on a limb and doing the movie! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Michael can get the film for this year's festival. It would be SO much more fun seeing it in a theatre full of gay people than at the multiplex where where it might not be that accepted.

Michael G said...

Hey, hey. I work hard to see these films ahead of time. I just don't sit around and wait for the DVD screener to drop on my lap. =)

radioman said...

Did I say anywhere in my comments that you wait for the screener to drop into your lap? Heck no! You travel the WORLD to see these films!

Michael G said...

Oh but many times I just use charm (and lots of resourcefulness) to see films ahead of time. Wish I am able to travel more but it's just not logistically and financially possible. =(