Friday, March 20, 2009

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN at the Dryden

My favorite vampire film (of all time?) is coming back to Rochester. The Dryden at George Eastman House is showing LET THE RIGHT ONE IN on Fri, March 20 and Sat, March 21. Don't miss it this time around. See my previous review here. Check the Dryden schedule here.

Oh and since my review, I've realized that it is indeed uber-homoerotic ... but more LOST BOYS with even younger teens kind of way rather than the mature eroticism and sex appeal of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.


Bittersweet Sage said...

I loved this movie, and I'm going to try to catch it again Saturday. My favorite thing about it is the murkiness of the morality. Although the story is not ambiguous, the meaning of it depends on the viewers perspective.

Barbara Brayner said...

I knew there was something familiar about this film when I watched the trailer yesterday! It was your review I've read before! Thats why I'm here actually, because I wanted to make sure I was thinking about the right film!
Totally into it! We'll see if the wife wants to come along!

Michael G said...

I'm with you on that Bittersweet! No sugar coating and not your typical Hollywood product. I'm hoping to catch this again on the big screen -- no better way to see it because I also loved the dusky/snowy cinematography -- as if I don't have enough movies to watch. {sigh}

Maybe I'll see both you and Barbara tonight. Wave!

Woody said...

Sigh.. I wish you had posted this just a WEE bit earlier. I check the blog daily, but this happened late enough in the day friday that I'm not seeing it till now. :( Sad I missed it, since it sounds great. Maybe a little more warning on future events? :)

Michael G said...

Hi Woody, It also just came out on DVD. So all is well. =) It just looks better on the big screen.