Friday, March 27, 2009

THE FISH CHILD by Lucía Puenzo

Definitely one of my favorite lesbian dramas this year, THE FISH CHILD (El Nino Pez) reunites filmmaker Lucía Puenzo and young actress Inés Efron (XXY) to bring us the emotionally charged drama/thriller about an Argentine teenager, Lala, who falls in love with the family's sulty Paraguayan house maid, Guayi. But their plan to elope to a seaside town back in Paraguay is thwarted by the murder of Lala's influential father.

Based on the filmmaker's first novel, Puenzo crafts a captivating teen romance story that is shrouded in mystery and sometimes evokes the magical realism of the great stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is definitely one that I would hope to include in this year's ImageOut lineup and I'm even thinking of giving it a shot at being part of the ImageOut There! Series. Stay tuned!

Fresh from its successful stints at Sundance and Berlin earlier this year, THE FISH CHILD makes its New York debut in April at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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