Friday, March 27, 2009

Let the Right Subtitles In

Did you hear about the recent uproar regarding the English subtitles of the just-released US DVD version of the fabulous Swedish vampire film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN? Apparently, the DVD version loses a lot of the darkly funny and edgy nuance that the original subtitles has. Read more here.

Lucky are we who have seen the original version. I knew that something will just go terribly wrong with a Hollywood remake but wasn't expecting it with regards to the DVD release. Now do I have to buy the Swedish version too? Ugh.

UPDATE: The distributor listened to the angry fans and now plans to restore the original subtitles. Read more at indiewire.

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Jessica said...

I bought this DVD and I agree, the subtitles are bad, but the dub is even worse! The film is still visually stunning, and I appreciate this version of vampire immensely.