Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ANTONIO'S SECRET Q&A and upcoming Guest Appearances

We had amazing filmmakers visit us this weekend and ImageOut was very proud to be able to provide talkback sessions to our audiences. But the Q&A following last night's screening of the powerful ANTONIO'S SECRET just blew me away. At one point, Director Jay Altarejos needed to pause as he became clearly (and understandably) emotional while answering a question about gay life and the perceptions of homosexuality in the Philippines. The people who stayed for the Q&A really raised very good questions and it was probably the most intense and meaningful Q&A session we've had in a while at the Festival.

My endless gratitude to both Jay Altarejos and Arvin Viola (Director of Photography) for traveling all the way up to Rochester from the Philippines just to attend the International Premiere of ANTONIO'S SECRET.

Tomorrow, Richard Berkowitz will be attending the screening of his film SEX POSITIVE and will also be a guest at WCMF's The Break Room at 8:30am. Actress and filmmaker Diana Lee Inosanto is also scheduled to attend the screening of THE SENSEI. Hope to see you all there.

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Antonio's Secret was SO good and the Q&A was great, too.