Friday, October 24, 2008

Popular PAGEANT Wins the Crown

PAGEANT charms its way to the hearts of ImageOut audiences and captures our 2008 Audience Award for Best Independent Documentary. Our documentary films this year really connect with our audiences with the Top 10 all rating within .30 point of each other. The rest are not too far behind.

Congratulations to filmmakers Ron Davis and Stewart Halpern!

Here's how you rate our documentary films:

1. Pageant
2. The Times of Harvey Milk
3. In Sickness & In Health
4. U People
5. It's Still Elementary
6. The Universe of Keith Haring
7. Equality U
8. Out Late
9. Sex Positive
10. Ask Not
11. Be Like Others
12. Laughing Matters . . . Next Gen
13. Eleven Minutes
14. Bi the Way
15. Searching for Sandeep
16. Ebony Chunky Love: Bitch Can't Get a Date


KaeLyn said...

Have to admit--I was vying for The Universe of Keith Haring and Bi the Way but Pageant was certainly fantastic and well-deserving!

The ranking list of documentaries just reminded me how great the docs this year were. I enjoyed every one I saw!

Michael G said...

The amazing thing about the documentaries this year is how ALL of them rated very highly with the audiences. And I agree with you Kaelyn -- seeing all the documentaries listed one after another just reminds me what a great variety of interesting topics and personalities we covered this year. I hope we get to be lucky in finding gems again for next year.