Friday, October 10, 2008

Tonight is the Night!

Very excited about Opening Night. With two sold out shows and some people possibly showing up for RUSH tickets, the energy at the Little will be great tonight! I hope to see you all there.

I had a radio guest stint at WCMF earlier today and those guys were a hoot. I hope we were able to reach out to people outside of our usual audiences. It would be great to share all our wonderful films to everyone who loves movies.

I was also on WBER earlier this week and I was surprised at the feedback I got from the many people who listen to Jen V. I'm not a big radio person so I am not familiar with local stations anyway. Again, I'm just glad ImageOut can reach out to more people.

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Jim said...

Both opening night films were faboo! I think "Were the World Mine" is one of those "date films" where everyone who takes a date to see it will be guaranteed to "get lucky" afterward.

On a sad note - what is UP with the sound at the Little Theatre????