Friday, October 3, 2008

To Read or Not To Read

Subtitled films have always been a hard sell -- not just for our audiences here but in many other US cities as well. Is it because people are just too lazy to read? Now I was just reading an article in the NY Times and someone said that subtitles are becoming acceptable to more people nowadays. And this welcome trend is being attributed to the popularity of text messaging, IM, and even emails to some extent. People are being forced to read more and more!

Anyway, we have tons of great foreign films and it would be a shame if you'd miss them just because you stay away from subtitles.

I'll take this opportunity to make a correction -- GRIMM LOVE as printed in the Festival program was mistakenly labeled as a subtitled film. It's actually in English! No subtitles required.

OTTO; OR, UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE is another one that is really mostly in English. I don't even remember subtitles to be honest.

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