Friday, October 24, 2008

ImageOut Audiences Embrace TRU LOVED

After two years of picking heavy powerful dramas, ImageOut 16 voters opt for something lighter by giving the 2008 Audience Award for Best Independent Feature to the comedic romp TRU LOVED. The film, also one of the Festival's top sellers, manages to squeak by some of the heavy favorites including XXY and SAVE ME, which many voters note are the best films in this year's lineup. But sometimes it only takes a couple of people to have issues with a film to bring its average down.

However, TRU LOVED rates consistently high among the many people turning in their votes. And the film screening also has the most diverse audiences attending. So congratulations to Director Stewart Wade for winning this coveted award.

Here's how you rate our feature films this year:

1. Tru Loved
2. The Secrets
3. Steam
4. Four Minutes
5. Clapham Junction
6. Save Me
7. What Love Means
8. The Sensei
9. XXY
10. Breakfast with Scot
11. Ready? Ok!
12. The New World
13. Mulligans
14. Were the World Mine
15. The World Unseen
16. Antonio's Secret
17. Fashion Victims
18. Ciao
19. Grimm Love
20. Savage Grace
21. Drifting Flowers
22. Boystown
23. Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!
24. To Each Her Own
25. Sugar Rush
26. Otto; Or, Up With Dead People
27. The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
28. Newcastle


stefan said...

What???!!! Newcastle is number 28? Gee, I guess a lot of people don't like that film! (LOL) It was one of my favorites. I give Tru loved the gold, Were the world mine the silver, and Newcastle the bronze.

Michael G said...

Hi Stefan,
Isn't that sad that NEWCASTLE rated low among the Rochester audiences? I think people had expectations on what kind of movie it was going to be and those weren't met. So there were disappointed voters. A lot of people also questioned the gay content of the film and its inclusion in the lineup. I thought the struggles of Fergus (the gay brother) were very easy to relate with -- the need to be accepted by his peers (and sometimes by his own family) and the infatuation with a popular jock. And I thought it was handled very well. The film certainly fared a lot better in other festivals.

Anonymous said...

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