Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 Best Narrative Feature - ImageOut Audience Award

Congratulations to Sweden's Ella Lemhagen and her fabulous film, Patrik, Age 1.5, for touching and entertaining so many of our patrons in winning ImageOut 17's Audience Award for Best Independent Narrative Feature. This award comes with a Certificate of Recognition and a Kodak Film Stock Certificate worth $750. This win highlights the strength of women filmmakers this year as all of our 2009 Audience Awards were won by films with four females at the helm.

Many thanks to Andrea Krauss and our Marquee Sponsor, here! Films, for sharing Patrik, Age 1.5 to our audiences.

This category, yet again, shows a very strong competition among our 27 narrative features. The top films rated so close to each other that I am posting the points with three decimal positions. Here are your Top 15 Narrative Feature Films from our amazing lineup this year.

4.826 Patrik, Age 1.5
4.824 Hannah Free
4.821 I Can't Think Straight
4.812 Chef's Special
4.753 Just Say Love

4.740 Eating Out: All You Can Eat
4.701 An Englishman in New York
4.673 Baby Love
4.608 The Big Gay Musical
4.553 Night Fliers

4.516 ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
4.475 Make the Yuletide Gay
4.453 Watercolors
4.450 The Baby Formula
4.438 Drool


Stefan said...

This is awesome. All of my favorites are listed here!

I did not now Patrik 1.5 had a woman filmmaker! Wow, that's great! Girl power! :)

And I do regret missing Chef's Special now. But it's coming to DVD. I hope that Watercolors and Night Flyers and Patrik 1.5 come to DVD.

One more thing...never give up with your favorite films coming to DVD. some of you might remember last year's audience favorite, Tru Loved? Well, that movie will be finally be released Jan 26. So don't give up hope! It may take "forever", but they may eventually be released!

Bob said...

I am happy that Patrik 1.5 won. It was a most enjoyable movie, and certainly a real audience pleaser.
I loved it!!
I am pleased to hear Stefan's news that Tru Loved is finally coming to DVD. Another terrific film!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that my film Patrik 1,5 won the ImageOut Audience Award, and I must say that the audience seem to have a really good taste. ;-)
When I started working on this movie, the Swedish film industry didn’t believe in it, because it was such a small film. “Ordinary people” didn’t want to see a lovefilm about a gay couple, they said. But we proved them wrong! It was the second most seen Swedish movie on cinemas last year, and now it has been sold to more than sixty countries around the world. Thank you all!

Best wishes and loads of love,

Ella Lemhagen
Director of Patrik 1,5

Michael G said...

Thanks for stopping by here Ella and congratulations again! Patrik, Age 1.5 is simply unstoppable! This fall alone, it has also been awarded the Audience Award honors in Southwest (Albuquerque), Pittsburgh, and Mezipatra (Czech Republic) GLBT Film Festivals.