Monday, October 12, 2009


It was great to see so many made the journey to RIT's Ingle Auditorium for this touching story about the lasting effects of first love. Leave your thoughts in the comments!


J said...

I think it is great that Image Out is expanding its venues and has started showing films at RIT. That being said, the seats in Ingle Auditorium are infinitely more uncomfortable than those of the Little and I hope there are fewer films at RIT next year.

Woody said...

I loved this film. It was beautifully done, and put just the right amount of detail in to ease tensions at key points. The actors were great, the plot was clear and multi-faceted, and it moved rather nicely most of the time.

The only critical thing I can say about it was that it didn't properly address one of the key topics touched on, that being the topic of gay youths feeling or being suicidal. There was a great deal more that could have been explored, but it instead the treatment was cut short to bring in a happier topic.

All said, it was well put together, had a compelling plot that pulled me in, and I enjoyed it a great deal. It has a great chance of being in the top 10 movies of the festival.

On the topic of venue: I'm very happy to see that ImageOut is again including college campuses as venues. The screen may be smaller, or the location in the suburbs, or some other "issue" may cause people to gripe. But the benefits to the campus groups, Rochester's LBGT community, and ImageOut as a whole well outweigh those minor issues. Please see my comments in Zombie Prom for more on this topic.

Stefan said...

I loved this film. In fact the love scenes kind of made me jealous. Why couldn't I have that experience, lol!

Also I agree with what Woody said and I was wondering can someone tell me how Carter died? Did he die from complications of his seizure or did he commit suicide?

Also I wish the Ingle would have better seats. They're kind of hard.

Jim said...

GREAT film. I hope the Motion Picture Academy is aware of this movie. Tye Olsen was amazing and deserves professional recognition.

I cannot wait for this one to come out on DVD - I'll be the first in line to buy it!

Bob said...

I, too, tink it's a good addition having a venue at RIT (U of R might be nice to consider too) and I was pleased to see so many students show up! Yes, the seats are very uncomfortable at Ingle...I'd hate to sit through a two hour lecture there! Taking a pillow might be a thought for the future. Do they have a more theatre-like venue on campus that would work?

Anonymous said...

This is the answer to Stefan's question regarding Carter's death. He did commit suicide. The principal came on the PA system to inform the students that Carter had committed suicide and encouraged his friends to talk to the counselors at the school. The nature of his death is why Danny has such an emotional and physical breakdown upon hearing the news.

Stefan said...

Thanks. That's what I thought. Unfortunately I had trouble hearing some of the dialogue. Maybe the volume wasn't very loud, I don't know.

Stefan again said...

Oh, one more thing: Fortunately today there is help. If you ever know of a youth who seems in trouble please let them know about The Trevor Project and its helpline:

phone 866.4.U.TREVOR

The counselors there are very nice and helpful. How do I know? I called myself 10 years ago...

Matt said...

As a part of the programming committee, I have the pleasure of viewing hundreds of films each year.

I can honestly say that this film is now one of my favorite films of all time, gay or straight!

Rarely do I get the opportunity to watch such an amazingly intense, rich and deep film. Each of the characters had so much depth, so much emotion, and I could really connect with them on a level that I have never done in the past with any other movie.

The only unfortunate part is that a larger audience didn't take advantage of the opportunity to watch this film.

I HIGHLY recommend adding this to your DVD collection, if and when this is released!

Rick said...

The movie itself was fantastic. The more I've thought about it the last day or two, the more I appreciate this movie. I enjoyed the boys getting to know each other.

I also really liked the fact it was at RIT. It was enjoyable to go to another movie venue and bring the ImageOut experience to new people.