Sunday, October 18, 2009

Closing Night Party

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a blast at last night's Closing Night Party at Tribeca. Thanks to the Special Events Committee for putting together such a kick-ass party!
photos by Matt DeTurck


Bob said...

I guess I'll be the first to comment. I thought the party was wonderful! I liked the venue...the food was good and nicely presented... the music was very danceable, as evidenced by a busy dance floor much of the evening. It was a first class ending to a first class festival.
Even though we are "movied-out" we are still looking forward to our two remaining films today!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous venue with fabulous company! Eddie was good fun and the space allowed for everyone to have a good time, whether enjoying conversation in the lounge or hitting the dance floor. What a wonderful way to celebrate the festival!

Stefan said...

It was fun. I personally would have enjoyed more of a mellow, jazz theme, but that's only because I don't like loud thud-thumping music. Oh, and a tremendous thank you to Hedonist Artisan Chocolates for all that chocolate. They are just so good!

Anonymous said...

from Greg J. Winter:

Overall a great event and venue choice! A few comments to make it even better: some lighting down on the food table so you make out what to eat, start with more mellow lounge music before moving to dance music, some retro music is fine for us old guys, but also use music that is less than 2 years old! Bar service was excellent - fast too.

Woody said...

Sorry to say I was not impressed by the choice of venue. I generally avoid bars and dance clubs because they tend to be loud, hot, and have an enclosed/packed-in feeling when you have too many people. This venue had all that in abundance, which is why I wasn't there very long. (In fact I left after about 30 minutes, well before the comedian started his set.)

I found the bar service to be slow, and gave up trying to get a drink after over 5 minutes of trying to get an attendant's attention. I also missed not having a place to get away from the noise, since even in the separated lounge there was clashing music, and that "shoe-horned-in" feeling was all the more pronounced.

Kudos to the chocolatiers though! Trying the new flavors I'd not tasted before was a solitary bright point in the evening. :)

radioman said...

I wonder if a closing night party incorporating some of the features suggested above would work. Sure would be worth a try!
Maybe a good jazz combo instead of a D J, to allow people to mingle and talk? Problem is, there are people who like the loud thumping music... and there are those who don't. Another of those cases where you simply cannot please everyone.

I had to laugh at Greg Winter's comment...and I heard it from several others too....just a minor issue of the food table being so darkly lit that you couldn't see what the food offerings were. I would have thought that could have been easily rectified by simply asking someone to turn up the dimmer! The food was nice though....AND so were the delicious Hedonist Artisan Chocolates!! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'll preface my remarks by saying that I give credit to the Special Events committee for all of their hard work, and for exploring new venues in attempting to bring us the best possible experiences. I just feel that for closing night, the venue didn't work--at least not, for me, and some I have spoken with. I echo the comments that it was too loud and crowded--so loud, in fact (or perhaps the PA system was just poor), that I could not hear Eddie at all. I'm sure it wasn't cheap to rent "Tribeca" for the night, either. So while I give a proverbial "A" for effort, I feel we'd get more "bang for the buck" somewhere else, and perhaps an experience that appeals to more people.

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