Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 7: I LIKE MEN (Men's Shorts)

Very pleased with the huge turnout for this year's gay-themed shorts program. The flavor for this program is decidedly more international hoping to capture the diversity of themes and style of gay short films in the circuit. It's really difficult for me to choose a favorite as I selected each one for different reasons. Do you have one?

NOTE: The short films included in this program are:
A Day at the Beach
Steeling Magnolias
Nocturne (Noturno)
Frequent Traveller
Thirteen Or So Minutes
Boy Meets Boy
Mother Knows Best


Stefan said...

I thought all the films were good, but the last one was my favorite!

Matt G said...

The shorts were excellent! And that's not to say they were all humorous or "easy." "James" in particular had a lot to say about the choices we make in our relationships with other people.

Todd P. said...

I would have liked 13 or so minutes with the boys in that short!

Richard said...

Matt – Let’s be straight about what was apparently going to happen to James as the film was ending - child sexual abuse. In this country, and I would certainly hope in England, under the law an under-age child does not have the capacity to understand the consequences of engaging in sexual activity and thereby is not considered able to make that choice. It is well documented that boys from troubled homes are more likely to fall victim to pedophiles. This film clearly pointed out how pedophiles gain access to their victims.

Anonymous said...

Richard - should we believe that maybe the older gentleman really is just okay to lend an ear to James? But then again, no one hangs outside a public restroom just to give counsel.

Woody said...

I loved this film set. All were really pretty good. I loved Steam the most, since one could conjecture what the room represents to either/both of the men involved. Heaven, Hell, Limbo? And is it Hell for one, but Heaven for the other, or the same for both? VERY though provoking.

To the discussion about "James":
I personally don't think the movie was a "How-To" video for pedophiles, but a "How-Not-To" for gay men that may be faced with this situation. We as openly or semi-openly gay adults sometimes take the easy way out when it comes to dealing with queer youth. And the cost of that is putting them in a dangerous place.

It was clear that the teacher had some attribute that James liked, probably that James picked him up on his newly found "gaydar". Knowing many gay school teachers, there's a huge reluctance when it comes to them talking with kids that ask about their sexuality. If you do talk to them, you could be accused of "recruiting" the child, or worse. If you don't this short shows one possible outcome, which clearly puts James in a very dangerous situation. (Others could include drug abuse, self abuse, and/or suicide.)

It was a very strong statement in my mind. The fact that at least two repliers here instantly jumped to the insane conclusion that someone was cheering the film for showing that he found a pedophile in the end shows just how warped that slippery slope is. That slope was the topic of the movie, though some may seem to have missed that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting discussion about "James." This is why these films are so good; they provoke discussion.

I actually don't think "James" was about pedophilia or child sexual abuse. Growing up in a small rural town with only a handful of openly gay people, I know how unrealistic it is to expect the normal, conventional sexual relationships that many of us now enjoy or seek. Was the man in the car predatory? Yes. Did James sense that this was not a good situation? Yes. Is this preferable to the utter isolation that he otherwise was facing? Some of us would say Yes.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
BOY MEETS BOY was cutesy but sweet.
MOTHER KNOWS BEST was silly fun.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment from Jeffrey:
I liked 13 MINUTES the best.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment from W.T.:
Great choices, Michael!

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
Some very thought provoking and shocking films. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment from Felicia:
13 MINUTES OR SO was very intriguing. I enjoyed that one the most.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment from T.F.:
All good!

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment from Kathy:
A very good array of genres. Some were funny and clever, some beautiful and haunting.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
STEAM - super!! +++!

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
- great variety
- awesome photography and music!
- good progression

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
JAMES - ending was weird.

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
Well they were all pretty good but MOTHER KNOWS BEST was by far the best!

Anonymous said...

Ballot comment:
Excellent. An eclectic, thought-provoking, sexy,and funny program.