Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free Kangaroos!! Or, The Launch Of The ImageOut Quick-Reference Guide

A handy-dandy, pocket-sized version of the festival schedule is now available through the ImageOut website! Volunteer Jeff Fowler has whipped up a useful guide that gives the quick and dirty information on each day's programs and folds up to conveniently fit in a pocket, purse, or badge-holder lanyard.

The Acrobat document fits on the front and back of one sheet of paper and includes, at no extra charge, folding instructions, lists of all the short films and shorts programs, and a free kangaroo!

Go to the Schedule page on the ImageOut festival site and download yours today!


Michael G said...

Way cool! Good job Matt and Jeff!

Stefan again said...

That really is so awesome and I even found the free kangaroo!

Jessica said...

I just printed a copy. It fits perfectly in my iphone case!

Jim said...

Thanks Jeff! As Martha Stewart says, "It's a GOOD thing!"