Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Best Short Film - ImageOut Audience Award

The ballots have been tabulated and the results are in! Congratulations to Toronto filmmaker Christine Chew and her romantic comedy short, Falling for Caroline, for winning ImageOut 17's Audience Award for Best Independent Short Film. Her film was screened as part of Program 10 - Quick Licks (Women's Short Program). Chew receives a Certificate of Recognition and a check for US$500 from ImageOut's Board of Directors for winning the award.

Curious how some of your favorite short films fared? Here's a list of the Top 20 Short Films (together with the program they were part of), out of the 52 we screened at ImageOut 17.

4.66 Falling for Caroline (Quick Licks)
4.65 Second Guessing Grandma (Edie & Thea)
4.62 Thirteen or So Minutes (I Like Men)
4.61 Claiming the Title: The Gay Olympics on Trial (Training Rules)
4.59 Get Happy (Diagnosing Difference)

4.58 Zombie Prom (Zombie Prom)
4.50 Girl Talk (Zombie Prom)
4.46 I've Got U (Edie & Thea)
4.45 Raw Love (Zombie Prom)
4.44 The Window (Oh, Hell No!)

4.41 Mother Knows Best (I Like Men)
4.37 James (I Like Men)
4.33 I Am Gay (An Englishman in NY)
4.33 U-Haul Rap (Quick Licks/Hannah Free)
4.24 The Yellow Tent (Zombie Prom)

4.22 Kristy (Night Fliers)
4.22 Steam (I Like Men)
4.18 At Home [Or Love as Well] (Girl Seeks Girl)
4.10 Chased (Just Say Love)
4.09 Boy Meets Boy (I Like Men)


Christine said...

To Michael G & everyone at ImageOut, WOOT & thank you!!! I'm thrilled to bits and incredibly honored. I also really want to kiss very single member of the audience that showed us love!!!
The whole cast and crew worked so hard and toiled just for food and love! It is so awesome to know that there was an audience out there that took the time and made the effort to show their appreciation for our little film with their votes.

To the fierce and fabulous festival audience of ImageOut, we heart you all right back!!!
Thank you!!!!

~christine xox

Michael G said...

Thanks Christine for stopping by here! You know how much I love FFC so it's great to actually have the audience agree with me. It's just such a departure from many lez shorts we've seen. More power to you and your hardworking cast and crew! And I hope to see more films from you in the future.

We'll have to get together in Toronto soon!

Christine said...

Meant to write "...really want to kiss *every* single member of the audience.." in earlier comment. And if they happen to be *very* single, that is a fun bonus!
Thanks again from the cast and crew of FFC for the awesome love!!!
And yes, hope to see you in Toronto soon, Michael!

Stefan said...

Glad to know some of my favorite shorts "made the cut"!