Sunday, October 11, 2009


A heart-wrenching film about racial, class, and sexual tensions in the South. Very pleased that filmmaker John G. Young was able to be on hand for a very informative Q&A and that people asked really good questions.
photos by Matt DeTurck


Stefan said...

I enjoyed seeing the director at the end.

Matt G said...

Of the six movies I saw from Friday to Sunday, this was one of the best. While the ending may have left some people unsatisfied, the way it examined complicity in particular was very well-done.

Woody said...

I have difficulty dealing with films that depict graphic violence and sexual abuse, especially those involving children. That said, this film had plenty of warning labels, and I knew (for the most part) what I was getting myself into before I walked in the door. I want to thank ImageOut for clearly labeling such films now, and being explicit in the description of the film about it's content. In the past that has not always been the case, and I'm happy to see that marked improvement here. For some this movie could be deeply disturbing, and to see the writeup clearly spell out the topics, and properly classify it is an important service to many long time movie goers.

The movie itself is one of the most touching drama's I've watched in a long time. While painful at times to watch, it was well executed, and touched on a number of important topics, including sexuality, racial divides, black-on-black violence, sexual abuse, and class division. I am exceptionally happy that this film was made available to us at ImageOut.