Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm So Excited!!!

There are just over 24 hours until the official opening of ImageOut 17, and I am really, really, excited. How excited? This excited:

Yeah, that's me with Jay McCarroll during ImageOut 16. No, the fabulous Mr. Jay will not be joining us this year, but a whole slew of Special Guests will be with us throughout the 10 days of the 2009 festival.

I love everything about our festival; ticket lines, documentaries, gala screenings and parties, Q&A sessions with actors and filmmakers, shorts programs, Youth Program films, and Little Theater popcorn, but one of my absolute favorite things is hearing what audience members have to say about each film. Sometimes I stand in admission lines just to hear what people are saying about what they've seen so far.

However, just chatting amongst friends leaves festival-goers with a small audience. This year, why not share your thoughts with the whole world? We'll be blogging throughout the festival about events, films, what Michael G is wearing, etc. and want you to join-in. Post comments, questions, musings, etc. right here on the ImageOut blog!


(The simply fabulous) Queen Stefan said...

[music clip] It's the final countdown! [and next song clip] I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...[end song clips]

OMG am I obsessed with ImageOut!!! I had such a hard time working today. Imagine how hard it will be working tomorrow!!! Ah, how I wish ImageOut could be my job. Anyone else ever wish that?

Woody said...

Will you be having blog topics for each movie as it happens? :) Would love that, though I wouldn't be able to update them until the next day... still. ;)

Michael G said...
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Michael G said...

Hi Woody, the ideal scenario is to have one for each film or at least maybe one for each "big" movie and bunch up the others from the same day. But would definitely have at least a daily post of the films that were shown that day so people can share their comments.