Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know I have been looking forward to sharing this film with ImageOut. Thought provoking and challenging, Diagnosing Difference is one of our best docs in years! Do you agree?

Note: The short films Lipstique (Featuring Fauxnique) and Get Happy screened during this program.


Bob said...

such a well done documentary. It was fascinating to hear these experts discuss the topic of gender. I think one of the main points they made was... we just wanted to be treated with respect, like anyone else wants.

KaeLyn said...

LOVED IT! Best movie, documentary or otherwise, that I've seen on transgender identity. I have not seen a trans documentary that really examined the impact of the classification of "gender identity disorder" by the APA. I felt I left with a better understanding of the different perspectives on GID as a gateway to healthcare. I appreciated there was a diversity of opinion on the issue.

I loved that trans people did not get lumped into a general category and that the "trapped in a wrong body" stereotype was both validated for people with that experience and critically examined as it does not sum up or describe the experience of being transgender for many people. The interviews and stories were poignant without being trite. Thank you for sharing this documentary! It was excellent and a favorite of mine in the festival thus far.